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Pastry Chef David Jeffries

David Jeffries’ solid culinary background rounds out the exceptional offerings at the Four
Seasons Hotel Atlanta and its restaurant, Park 75.  The hotel’s Mobil Four Star restaurant is
the perfect setting for Jeffries’ exceptional desserts.  The restaurant is among only four, Four-
Star restaurants in Atlanta and was recently rated by Zagat as “an opulent oasis in the heart
of Midtown.”  

Jeffries joined The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta as executive pastry chef in 2001.  In his role,
he creates pastries for the hotel’s restaurant and banquet areas including, wedding cakes
which have allowed many Atlanta Brides to enjoy the wedding cake of their dreams through
Jeffries’ personal attention and passion for eye-catching pastries and desserts. Recently
Jeffries has been named, “Pastry Chef of the Year,” by Atlanta Cuisine.

Born in Washington, D.C., Jeffries worked in several restaurants and hotels including the
Patina Restaurant Group under Chef Joachim Splichal, where he held the position of
Corporate Pastry Chef.  His many loving hours were shared between Patina, Café Pinot,
Pinot Hollywood, Patinette at MOCA and Pinot Bistro.  His desert creations have been
showcased at many high-profile industry events, such as the TV Guide Awards, Emmys and
Grammy award shows. As a result of his early talent and commitment to creating pastries,
Jeffries was voted Los Angeles magazine’s “Rising Star Chef.”  He is a graduate of the
University of Maryland, former University of California at Los Angeles student and attended
the California Culinary Academy.

Outside of the restaurant industry, Jeffries worked with a production company, which
allowed him to unite his star-studded past with his pastries in the kitchen of Park 75 with the
Chocolate Manjari “Pyramid" dessert—a chocolate and passion fruit-filled dessert.
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